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Portal Doorbell

1. What should I do if the webcam is not connected to the network?

Before using the camera, you need to use the mobile phone to connect the camera configuration to the Win router. After completing the configuration according to the manual, the camera can be connected to the network and viewed using the mobile phone. 

2. What should I do if the configuration falls when I install the camera?

The following conditions will cause the camera configuration to fall:

a.- Whether the device is in the configuration state. When entering the configuration state, the device will prompt "Enter Configuration Status" and the blue LED will flash. If the device blue LED is not flashing, press and hold the reset button for 3 seconds, the device will enter the configuration state. 

 b.- Whether the mobile phone has turned on the sound, and the mobile phone and the device use sound wave communication. Please adjust the volume of the mobile phone and ensure that the distance between the mobile phone and the device is no more than 30cm. To ensure the configuration is successful, it is recommended to configure the device in a quieter environment. 

 c.- More WiFi networks or the same WiFi connection can cause a lot of WiFi interference, which causes the device to connect to the router but not connected (red or red and blue lights are always on) 

d.- Please check if the entered WiFi password is in the correct case and length. 

e.- Currently the device does not support 5GHz Wi-Fi network, if you are using 5GHz, please switch to 2.4GHz WI-FI mode F Wi-Fi name and password only support English and symbols, Chinese and other languages are not supported. If your WI-FI name contains this content, please change it to English letters or symbols. 

f.- Under normal circumstances, the character mix password of more than 8 digits can ensure the security of WiFi. Excessive WiFi name and password may cause the WiFi configuration to fail. If your WiFi name and password are longer than 40 digits, it is recommended to modify.

3. Why does the camera sometimes appear stuck?

When the camera is a network product, the work of the product depends on WiFi and the Internet and the mobile phone. The bottom requirement of the 720P for this product is 512Kb upload rate, and 1080P is the upload rate of 1024Kb. If the network uplink rate is insufficient, it may appear to be stuck. Use the WiFi test software to test the network speed. If the speed is insufficient, please check with the operator whether the broadband speed you have connected can be adjusted. In addition, there are too many devices connected to the WiFi router (this is often the case in offices and public places), or WiFi wireless interference is large, and the device is far away from the WiFi router (more than 10 meters or wall blocking) may also cause the card to be stuck.

4. Why do some mobile phones see SD video normal, and HD video delays?

If the standard definition video has good real-time performance, the high-definition video delay is caused by insufficient video decoding capability of the mobile phone. Some Android phones or older versions of Apple phones (such as the iPhone5 below), the lack of high-definition video decoding ability will lead to slow decoding speed; it seems to be video delay.

5. What is the PIR human body detection alarm?

Our device PIR human body detection push alarm and recording function, open this function in the device settings, if the device is in the sleep state, if the person is found to be close, the device will be triggered, send an alarm message to the mobile phone, and record the current picture. Save to the cloud or SD card. After the event detection recording is completed, a video will be generated on the time axis below the device. The orange part in the timeline represents the recorded data, and the time axis can be moved to view the motion detection recording data. At the same time, the first 8 seconds of the event recording will also be uploaded to the cloud storage. This saves and views even if the device is removed or the video is corrupted.

6. What are the requirements for this product on the SD card?

This product is a frequent start recording product. The requirements for SD card are relatively high. It is recommended to use genuine 8-16G SD card. The maximum support is 32G capacity. Please format the SD card before use. Since this product is not a full-time video product, the general 8G SD card can satisfy 15 days of video storage, so it Is not recommended to use more than 32G SD card (larger capacity SD card is prone to compatibility problems).

7. How to view SD card recording?

The SD card recording will be saved as a video file before the device sleeps. Therefore, the current event recording needs to be awake on the next device to view it (the cloud storage video is saved for 8 seconds so it can be viewed immediately)

8. What should I do if the SD card is full?

This product supports the loop recording function. When the SD card is full, it will automatically overwrite the oldest video file. In addition, our video is in standard MP4 format and can be played on the computer.

9. What is the role of cloud storage?

This product is free of 20 permanent cloud storage spaces for 7 days per day. When an event alarm occurs on the device, (PIR trigger event in sleep state, ringtone event and device anti-theft trigger event), the device will automatically upload an 8-second event video upload. Go to the cloud so that even if there is no SD card or the device is taken away, the critical video is still stored in the cloud.

10. Why can't I receive push information?

The motion detection event push information is generally notified to the mobile phone within 5 seconds after the screen is triggered. Please ensure that the "Reminder mode does not select "Do not remind" In the mobile phone APP, and the system "Allow notification" permission is opened in the mobile phone menu.When some Android phones completely exit the app or black screen, the system blocks the push information, and needs to open the APP auto launch permission and the background use permission in the battery option. (You can search for XXX mobile phone how to set up push information? If Samsung S8 can´t receive push information, how to set it? There will be a tutorial on the Internet)

11. What do I want to share my camera with my family and friends?

Select "Device OR Code" in the APPs device menu to save and send the QR code to the person you want to share. At the same time, you need to install the APP on the other mobile phone, select it in the APP, connect the camera, and scan the QR code. You can automatically add devices to complete the sharing. Note: This device does not limit the number of people sharing, but according to the network and device memory conditions, it can support up to 3-4 people to watch online at the same time, and can only support one person voice intercom function.

12. The router is powered off. Does the device need to be reconnected?

The device does not need to reconnect after the router is powered off. The device will automatically search for the WWI router connected to the last connection. This process is usually 3-5 minutes. The device still has PIR triggering and recording function after WIFI is disconnected.

13. Does this product have night vision function?

This product has infrared night vision function, which can provide users with clear infrared video images in the dark. The effective distance of night vision is about 5 meters, which can meet indoor or short-distance outdoor night vision Illumination.

14. What do I want to do to change my device from home to other places?

If the WiFi name and password are the same, you don't need to reset it, you can change the position directly. However, if the WiFi name and password are different, you need to use the reset pin and press the reset button for 3 seconds to hear the system reset. Configuration status, then delete the current device In the APP device list and re-install the configuration once as new products.

15. Will this product be attacked or leak privacy?

This product uses triple security authentication, anti-counterfeiting identity, end-to-end data encryption, anti-eavesdropping, network side cannot read device and user data, device side adopts the most strict firewall and security auditing strategy, anti-Intrusion network side adopts the first Three-way cloud shield, against maximum 300G DDOS attacks. So please feel free to use it, this product will not reveal privacy or be mobilized by malicious code to attack other Internet devices.

16. How to use Indoor indoors?

This product can be used with the 433MHz machine. When the doorbell is pressed, the indoor machine will also give a reminder. Press and hold the code button until the down LED is always on. Press the doorbell button at this time. Complete the downtime configuration. 

17. What are the requirements for this product for the 18650 battery used?

It is recommended to use a pointed 18650 lithium-ion battery with a protective plate. The lithium battery can be used alone or in one. The standby time of a single 3000mAh battery is about 3 months. The standby time of two 3000mAH batteries is generally About 6 months. Note: Turning on the PIR or frequently waking up the device may result in a significant reduction in battery life.

18. What is the shrapnel on the back of the smart doorbell?

It is mainly designed for AC and DC wide voltage power supply in the US market. The American home door generally has 24V AC power supply, and the doorbell can be powered by this power supply. This feature is not required in other countries. 

19. What is the role of USB on the product?

The USB interface is used for battery charging. The charging current is about 500-800mAh. It usually takes 8 hours to fill two batteries.

20. What if the door does not have a WiFi signal, or if the WiFi signal is weakly connected?

The APP preview interface can see the strength of the WIFI model of the device. When the signal is lower than 1 grid, you need to move the WiFi router closer or add a WiFi relay amplifier. The general WiFi signal relay in the general market can be recommended. Do not set the same name as far WiFi when setting. If it is my Wi-Fi before, the relay WiFi will be renamed as My wifi-2 to avoid the same name interference.

21. One doorbell support 2 or more chime?

Yes, One Doorbell supports up to 4 chimes, However, only 1 phone can interact with the chime at a time.

22. I pressed the doorbell buttom and I don´t receive a call

Make sure of the following things:Doorbell has been setup (try it in home before install)Doorbell have a good Wifi connectionYour phone also have Internet connectionYour phone has ToSee APP opened all the time.

23. Do I need to drill the wall?

No necessary, You can either drill to the wall or easily place it with a double-side tape.

24. DC Power or AC Power?

It supports 18-24V DC power.

25. I order with batteries. Why I can´t turn on the camera?

All batteries are sent with an Insulating film, you must remove it before use.

26. My house is located in a busy street or avenue, I don´t want the camera doorbell call me always somebody is close to the door. How can I do?

In the setting, you can Turn off the PIR detection. Then it will not call you if no body click the doorbell button.

27. What happens if my WiFi signal is 5G?

Normally all the routers who are 5g provide a 2.4Ghz signal on the configuration settings, If you have the brand and model we can check for you. If the unlikely scenario it doesn't not, you can buy a cheap access point like this one ,and connect it to your router in order to have another 2.4Ghz wifi signal.

28. Sometimes the camera will disconnection on my phone. What can I do?

The doorbel transfer the phone call from your wifi home network to your Mobile 4G network, make sure you have both networks with good speed and internet connection. Also Make sure ToSeee APP is opened in your phone.If the problem can't be solved, then restart the doorbell.

29. Every doorbell checked before shipping?

Yes, Before we sent, all doorbell tested wifi connect, chime connect, video quality, sounds quality, Night mode, motion detection ....etc.

30. The doorbell support intercom?

Yes, it supports 2CH Intercom. No matter where are you, people near the door can speak with you if your phone has wifi or 4G signal.

31. How to charge batteries?

You can use the charger with micro USB 5V which are commonly used in Mobile phones and almost all devices.

32. I did no order chime. How can I buy it?

You can buy chime here:

33. I ordered the doorbell only and now I see I might need some accesories 

Most of our customers buy the doorbell only since they hardwire and they don't need also home chime because we are all with our phone everywhere even at home. So it won't be fair include all these non-mandatory accessories for our vast customers who only need the doorbell only. You can also buy the batteries Local, they are 18650 model most used in flashlights and Vape/ Smoking products.

Here you can buy accesories:



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